“Snow removal is more disaster recovery than a traditional service program.”  This quote, pulled from a recent industry trade magazine, best highlights Ferrandino & Son’s approach to delivering this highly challenging and most demanding service in the worst conditions imaginable.  It’s time to learn about a more advanced approach to your snow removal needs.


Snow Facts

  • Your scope of work is not driven by the pricing model you select – they are independent of each other
  • How you write your scope of work might unintentionally be opening you up to significant liability risk
  • Snow removal is not a service that takes 30 days to transition. The industry’s best snow removal partners are transitioning your competitor’s portfolios in the summer months

Snow Removal First Steps – Ferrandino & Son can help

  • Build a qualified scope of work
  • Select the pricing model(s) you would like to utilize across your entire footprint
  • Construct an RFP that will allow you to easily analyze the RFP results
  • Design an award strategy that maximizes your service results
  • Partner with your chosen suppliers on a qualified Implementation Plan

Pricing Models

  • Seasonal: Ideal in areas with larger and consistent snowfall totals for more budget control
  • Event: Based on a fixed cost for a specific sized storm, this works in both a northern and southern climate, small box or big box
  • Per Push: This is ideal for a small box portfolio in a northern or southern footprint where each service delivered has a fixed price

Snow Removal Expectations

  • Preparation is the best weapon against snow removal; there is no replacement for giving your suppliers enough time to prepare
  • Snow removal is not perfect. Partner with a supplier who can provide realistic expectations

Southern Snow Solutions

  • Design a scope of work that can actually be delivered
  • Align your supplier base with your landscapers to leverage 12-month ownership of your sites
  • Learn about regional response metrics to best partner with your local stakeholders

Roof Top Snow Solutions

  • When to do it and when not to ; we can show you how to take this critical first step
  • Learn about strategies to reduce risk and costs; they are not mutually exclusive
  • Preparation before the season is Business Critical. Don’t walk into your next snow season unprepared