Plumbing is often viewed as a strictly “reactive service” and from a certain perspective, that might be right. However, at Ferrandino & Son, we believe even the most reactive trade can be proactively addressed by putting in place preventative measures to support those service requests.


Reactive Maintenance

  • Structured triaging to provide improved response times
  • Structured triaging to prioritize non-emergency service calls to next-day service
  • Structured triaging to increase single-visit resolutions

Spend Management

  • Fixed-fee pricing models for routine service calls
  • Standardized spec sheet with fixed pricing and reduced markups for nontraditional parts
  • Reduce water and energy consumption through defined asset management programs

Subject Matter Experts

  • Schedule an Educational Workshop to discuss latest trends and program options
  • Licensed plumbers support your account team and programs
  • Leverage expertise to manage and maintain costs

Asset Management

  • Identify and assess your plumbing fixtures at each facility
  • Utilize customized catalog to increase efficiencies and build product consistency