Ferrandino & Son’s expansive Lighting and Electrical Programs deliver both preventative and reactive solutions.  In today’s climate, having the expertise to engage in cutting edge LED upgrades, while still supporting aging lighting infrastructure, allows you to focus on solutions with real world ROI analysis upfront and prior to the construction of a lighting budget.

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Preventative Maintenance

  • Develop a customized, scheduled maintenance plan (monthly, quarterly, biannually) to minimize lighting outages and reduce overall costs
  • Identify a complete asset list to support long-term lighting upgrade strategies
  • Reduce reactive spend and unwanted trip fees through a clearly defined PM scope of work

Emergency Lighting & Electrical Services

  • Utilize our Subject Matter Experts to triage, dispatch, and resolve issues on time and at the lowest possible cost
  • Benefit from one of the industry’s largest single operations facilities in the country
  • Leverage our qualified vendor network to support your entire footprint during your most critical times of business

Relamp and Retrofit Programs

  • We can help you build and execute lamping and fixture upgrades including LED and fluorescent solutions
  • Design programs that can run parallel to or independent from existing lighting for both interior and exterior locations
  • Focus on energy savings through the use of advanced sensors and controls