Landscaping is about delivering a program that enhances the long-term value of each of your assets through core, quality services.  With Ferrandino & Son, we will model a program around a clean and green scope of work, and with our Project Managers in the field, manage the quality of those services while focusing on asset management designed to enhance and extend the life of the landscaping footprint at each facility. 


Landscaping 101

  • Build a well-defined scope of work that will meet your needs across your entire footprint; regional customization is normal
  • Allow us to build out your frequency chart for all of your services; this will help you assign spend to the right buckets
  • Today’s pricing models will allow for complete transparency on where your costs are driven, and where you can possibly make changes to reduce spend when necessary

Program Management

  • Make it a requirement to have an engaged field presence to drive quality control
  • A sustainable program will have a clearly defined transition process and a dedicated team from each of your suppliers
  • A solid communication plan will help your stakeholders navigate more easily through the day to day needs of the program

Landscaping Capital Projects

  • Leverage our full time Landscape Architects and Horticulturalists to design and install your capital refresh projects
  • Let us manage the warranty process – from plant selection through long-term management post installation
  • Our Project Managers on the ground will oversee the entire project; from 1 site to 1,000 or more

Landscaping Education:

  • Workshop with our experts on general landscaping knowledge; our team will come to you at no cost
  • Looking for opportunities to reduce spend? Let us workshop with you on what the industry trends are to help you make the right decisions
  • Need to design a capital plan for future budgets – let us workshop with you on how best to allocate those dollars