Ferrandino & Son and PRSM – A Perfect Synergy


The annual PRSM tradeshow just completed in Nashville, TN and for 4 days Ferrandino & Son became the talk of the show. Vice President Kevin Smith, attending his first show with Ferrandino & Son, spoke about the critical importance of the company participating in this event. For many of our clients, travel budgets have been restricted and their availability to meet with us is often limited. They approach PRSM as their chance to meet with some of their more critical partners. For us, this show’s top priority is to answer any questions our clients have and help them through any of their upcoming initiatives.

While the opportunities resulting from this show will keep Ferrandino & Son more than busy through the next 12 months, Senior Management is already making plans for the 2012 PRSM show in Anaheim, CA.