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One Giant Leap – GeoCoding in Facilities

By Kevin Smith, Chief Operating Officer GeoCoding offers a generational leap forward for facility programs. In the year 2000, the ability to validate a service was as basic as the technology we used on a daily basis. VCRs, Walkmans, signed work order tickets and phone calls to the local store manager after every service — […]

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Non-LED Alternatives

By Dave Magill, Vice President of Program Management How to reduce lighting energy and maintenance cost without retrofitting to LED  Although the cost of LED lighting has dropped over the last few years, it can still prove to be a costly investment. With lease requirements, location closings and lack of capital expense funding, an LED retrofit […]

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Sustainable Solutions & Recycling Deliver Savings

By Alex Dworkin, Senior Project Manager – Capital Projects A recent project my firm was involved in illustrated that, with some creativity and a little extra effort, sustainable solutions can not only be achieved, but can also deliver savings. One of our large national retail partners approached us with a challenging, yet simple project: Adjust the […]

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